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September 18th, 2012 at 9:50 pm

The Benefits of Music

Allison Morris recently emailed me about a graphic she helped create that describes the benefits of music, found on the on line college.org website. As I wrote in another blog post, I’m not an advertiser for onlinecollege.org or anywhere else, but I’m happy to pass on good information related to creativity. Thank you, Allison, for emailing me.

The webpage with that graphic is titled “Music Makes You Smarter” and is targeted at college students, saying “…a little music therapy … might be the key to acing that next exam” and “Studies show that music has a strong effect on your mood levels and emotions, and also on how you think and your general intelligence.” Check out that webpage for more information about the benefits of music, particularly on taking music lessons and playing a musical instrument.

One statistic there that I got a kick out of was that listeners of Beethoven had higher SAT scores than listeners of Pop, Rock, and Country music styles. I’ve written about Beethoven in this blog and spoke about him a couple of times in podcasts attached to this website; type “Beethoven” in the Search box at the top of this page for more. In fact, in my very first blog entry and podcast, Episode 0: Introduction, I discuss why I use Beethoven music in the intro and outro of the podcasts.

As a related personal note, when I was going for my MSEE back in the 1980s, I would take notes in class in my “scratch” notebooks, scribbling as much as possible, and as part of studying the material at home, re-write my notes in my “clean” notebooks. I tried to present the information in the clean notebooks as clearly and correctly as possible, using different colored pens and pencils, straight edges, and drawing templates, filling out mathematical calculations, using headers and footers, correcting mistakes in my scratch notes, etc. One of the things I’d do while rewriting my notes and doing homework was put a classical album LP on the turntable (this was before CDs) and just let it play over and over while I worked. My Beethoven symphonies and other Bethoven albums got by far the most play.

I loved that. Honestly, I never tired of listening to Beethoven. I don’t know if doing that made me smarter, but as that onlinecollege.org graphic says, I think it did help me study longer and retain more.

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