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July 7th, 2012 at 3:16 pm

ExplodingCreativity.com Email Spoofing

Please be aware that someone is sending emails claiming to be from the explodingcreativity.com domain but which, in fact, are not. This is called email spoofing, where someone creates an email that looks like it’s coming from someone else.

If you receive such an email, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK.

This past week I’ve been getting a number of bounced email messages indicating that the original senders are from the explodingcreativity.com domain. The last three emails were sent by Sung <Robt6133B3@explodingcreativity.com>, Ivory <KirbyFAF70@explodingcreativity.com>, and Gordon <Marlon94DC3@explodingcreativity.com>. There is only one defined email address for the explodingcreativity.com domain, there are no Sung, Ivory, or Gordon users or Robt6133B3, KirbyFAF70, or Marlon94DC3 email addresses for explodingcreativity.com, and no email was sent from the explodingcreativity.com domain.

It looks like the originating IP addresses are different and from various places around the world. The emails being sent all have the subject line of Newsletter and are Rich Text formatted. They contain the text “Make a good profit. Get discounts here.” Above that is the line, “If you can’t see this email, click here”, which is linked to various Russian URLs (with the .ru domain extension), which all are for the same website hawking various drugs.

The links to the Russian websites contain identifying information so that the website can track how the person came to the website. Please do not click on any link in these emails.



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