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April 16th, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Creative Myopia

When you’re creating something, do you sometimes find it difficult to decide if the thing you’re creating is better one way or another? I had this happen to me this past week in creating a new video for my website, Web2Intranet.com.

The first cut of the video is what I had originally envisioned. On reviewing it for the upteenth time, it seemed to me to sound too plain so I added background music. And then the ending of the video seemed too “cute” for a business related website, so I produced it without that ending.

And the waffling continued. Did the background music and that original ending distract from the information I was trying to convey or did they add entertainment value to it? I produced four versions of the video with all the combinations: background music present and not, the ending present and not. In the end I chose distraction-free information over entertainment, so the video I presented on the website does not have background music and does not have the ending I originally envisioned.

However, I thought for ExplodingCreativity.com I’ll present two versions here, one with background music and the ending, and the other as given on Web2Intranet.com. Let me know which you like better —

Here’s the one with background music and the alternate ending.

Here’s the one without background music and without the above one’s ending.

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