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December 14th, 2010 at 11:10 am

Creative People Filtered From Leadership

Here’s an interesting blog from Anne Fisher at fortune.cnn.com, which I’ll file under the “dark side” of creativity: Want to be promoted? Stifle your creativity.

Fisher writes that three new studies have found that, in the business world, creativity is seldom rewarded with promotions, effectively filtering creative people from leadership positions, and that this may be due to an ingrained expectation that creative people are unpredictable whereas people want their leaders to give a sense of security by maintaining the status quo.

Is this good or bad? I think it’s bad if this means that being regarded as creative is used as a disqualification of being in a leadership position, which is how I read Fisher’s blog. However, being creative should not be the sole qualification for being in a leadership position, either.

And then there’s always entrepreneurship, which I’m certain many frustrated creative people have turned to to create their own leadership position.

Want to get promoted? Stifle your creativityWant to be promoted

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