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May 6th, 2010 at 9:24 am

Web2Intranet.com’s Privacy and Security Features Video

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Here’s the third video for Web2Intranet.com produced yesterday. There are definitely similarities between producing a podcast episode for Exploding Creativity and producing a video for Web2Intranet.com.

For both of them, I go through a script-writing process, first deciding the topic and then outlining the points I want to make. This part of the process is actually a bit more time consuming for an Exploding Creativity podcast episode, as I guess it’s a bit more “scholarly” in its research. When I actually sit down and start writing, it takes 2-4 days to finish a script.

The production process for both takes a single day to record the content, edit it, and produce the final image — an MP3 file for an Exploding Creativity podcast and a WMV file (Windows Media Video) for a Web2Intranet.com video. The production of the video is more time consuming with the addition of video files and titling, plus the fact I can’t flub up my lines and heavily edit the content as I can with an audio-only file (the video would probably look pretty jumpy). I also use the same microphone for the videos that I do for the podcast episodes, and the same audio software (Audacity) to massage the audio (compress, D-ess, and normalize) for the videos so the audio quality is consistent, or at least as consistent as I can make it, throughout the video.

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