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May 24th, 2010 at 10:47 am

Web2Intranet.com’s Blogs Video

in: Update

Here’s the fourth video for Web2Intranet.com produced yesterday.

This one was difficult. My hard drive crashed in the middle of recording this one, so there was about a week lost between stopping at that point and getting a new drive up & running. Then I had to re-type the script and re-screen capture the Power Point presentation.

Installing a new hard drive turned out to be an exercise in Serendipity:

  • One of the things I had to do was reinstall the software development tools I use for developing the Web2Intranet.com website. I downloaded a more recent tool, which showed some software problems that the older version did not, so this has helped improve the quality of the software.
  • A long-standing problem I’ve had with my laptop’s video driver was solved.
  • The new hard drive has a much larger capacity than  the one it replaced, so I no longer have to shuffle videos around to an external drive just so I don’t run out of room on my internal drive.

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