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May 10th, 2010 at 1:33 pm

Now on Twitter

in: Update

I am on Twitter now. You’ll find a link to my profile in the CONTACT INFO links, and I’ve added the Twitter Widget to the sidebar, too.

I’ve had a Twitter account for a while now, but didn’t do anything with it. Like many of my friends whom I’ve recently looked up on Twitter, I was curious, signed up for an account, and then didn’t do anything with it for, I don’t know, a year or two. Periodically I’d get an email indicating someone had started following me, which inevitably turned out to be a person with a link to the adult site xxxblackbook.com.

So anyway, with Web2Intranet.com, I thought I’d be more social network active, and this past weekend started being active with Twitter. I must say, I do see the appeal now. I look at it more like a focused RSS feed, where you pick the individuals and organizations to get info from. And info is what you make of it–news stories from local, national, and international news organizations; personal updates; marketing messages and customer service support from organizations; calls for help on personal and business issues; etc.

It is odd, though. You’ll find people following thousands of others, tens-of-thousands and hundreds-of-thousands of others. How can that be? People are spending a LOT of time on Twitter and I’ve read where companies hire staff whose job is to maintain their Twitter presence. Interesting stuff.



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