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May 27th, 2010 at 11:12 am

Management Powertools and Death March Book Reviews

Continuing copying my book reviews from my LinkedIn Amazon widget to my blog. I’ve referenced Management Powertools in Episode 6: Leadership and Creativity, and referenced Death March in Episode 5: Diversity and Creativity and in Episode 6: Leadership and Creativity.

Management Powertools, by Harry Onsman

I really liked this book. The various management, leadership, and marketing ideas in this book can be found in many other sources, but Onsman brings them together and productizes them as tools you can use in your business.

The book is divided into two parts, one with 10 tools to manage an organization and the other with 10 tools to manage people. The organizational part includes tools for strategic intent (use of vision, mission, and values statements), measuring performance (the balanced scorecard), changing culture (competing values framework), marketing (the four P’s), and others. The people part includes tools for managing performance (goal setting), developing self-awareness (360 degree feedback), selecting people (behavioral interviewing), project management techniques, situational leadership, coaching, and others.

Death March (2nd Edition), by Edward Yourdon

A very interesting project management survival book on “death march” €projects – projects in which the time, resources, and/or features of a development project are severely constrained, as compared to “normal” projects, thus giving the project an unusually high likelihood of failure, while putting the people within them an unusually high degree of stress, leading to bad health, broken marriages, broken families, etc.

Yourdon’s book provides advice on how you should manage a death march, should you volunteer for one or, more likely, find yourself roped into one and decide not to quit. Yourdon discusses negotiations, staffing and team-building issues, and processes to follow.

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