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April 27th, 2010 at 2:00 pm

Introduction to Web2Intranet.com Video

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Last week I concentrated my creativity into creating a video for Web2Intranet.com. This is the first video I have planned, “Introduction to Web2Intranet.com”. Many thanks to my daughter, Anna, for helping me!

I’ve planned for a long time now to create a webpage for ExplodingCreativity detailing my podcast setup and procedure–for those who are interested in such things and those who might be able to use it themselves for producing their own podcasts, but also for me as a reference when I go months and months between podcast episodes. Maybe now I’ll plan on also creating a page for how I do videos, though I’m still learning a lot as I go along.

I have a huge amount of fun creating a podcast episode and it was certainly a lot of fun to create the video, which is a characteristic of creativity–a sense of joy or play–or at least should be.

If you have any problem viewing the video, please go to Web2Intranet’s YouTube page. To see the text within the video more clearly, click on the button that expands the video to full screen. Enjoy!

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