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April 12th, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Introducing Web2Intranet

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Wow, my last blog entry was almost 8 months ago. How time flies! Since that time, I’ve been pouring my creativity, time, and effort into a new website: Web2Intranet.

Web2Intranet provides services commonly found on Intranets for for-profit and non-profit organizations and for individuals who don’t have the resources to rent or build and maintain their own Intranet infrastructure, or who just don’t want to bother with that so they can focus on their primary business and not on IT.

My hope for Web2Intranet is that it will help unleash the creativity of folks in small and lean-run organizations and for individuals starting out. In software engineering, organizations likely have a programming style specification, one of the ideas of which is that instead of the engineer focusing his/her creativity and effort on developing their own coding style, they use the existing predefined style so they can focus all of their creativity and energy on solving the problem at hand. And now with Web2Intranet, instead of folks focusing their time, money, and effort on developing and maintaining an IT infrastructure for managing and sharing their information and to collaborate, they can use the services of Web2Intranet and focus more of their resources on their primary mission.

One of my strengths has always been organization, so creating tools for information management has been a good, natural fit. These tools include:

  • Blogging
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Issue Management
  • Project Management
  • Email
  • Search
  • RSS for easily tracking changes

Check it out if you can, and please pass the website on to others you think could benefit from it.

Anyway, I’ve been collecting a lot of notes for my next podcast on Serendipity and Creativity. Stay tuned!

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