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Exploding Creativity

November 8th, 2008 at 12:05 pm

Entrepreneurship and Creativity

There’s an interesting article in the November 10, 2008, issue of Forbes magazine, The Coming Creativity Boom.

The author, George Gilder, is a venture capitalist, and his article is about entrepreneurship, creativity, and four emerging technological areas he expects huge growth in. Here’s some quotes from it I thought were interesting for this blog:

  • “The real source of all growth is human creativity and entrepreneurship…”
  • “No amount of knowledge about the present can predict the specific profile and provenance of innovation.”
  • “If creativity was not unexpected, governments could plan it and socialism would work. But creativity is intrinsically surprising and the source of all real profit and growth.”

The four technological areas he writes about are cloud computing, graphics processing, nanotech engineering, and energy-saving construction materials.

So is all this creativity stuff important? Heck yeah!

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