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September 29th, 2008 at 9:45 pm

Blog and Show Update

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This past week I’ve been very busy on blog development:

  • Lots of fighting with WordPress to get my feed without oddities and then linking it in with Feedburner.
  • Saturday I loaded and switched over to the xMark theme by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. I found this through Lisa’s Book, WordPress for Dummies. I also installed several of the widgets discussed in the book (some you see on the blog, some you don’t), and I’m really quite happy with the way the blog looks now. Thank you, Lisa!
  • After some final touches on the blog, today I registered the podcast with iTunes, Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, and several others. For anyone else interested in doing such a thing, definitely checkout this Podcast 411 link.

For upcoming shows, my immediate plan is to next record shows on (titles subject to change) “Variety, Personality Styles, and Creativity” and “Leadership and Creativity.” These episodes will close out a good run of Fundamentals of Creativity episodes, needed for next discussing a series on Creativity Tips and Techniques. The first two shows I plan for that series are on Brainstorming and Mind Mapping. I’ll do some more shows in Creativity Tips and Techniques and then start on interviewing.

I’ve got a couple of people lined-up already for interviews, and I’ve already apologized to them for running so far behind of where I thought I’d be by now. Developing the blog is time-consuming by itself, and producing the shows is very time-consuming by itself (but both are highly rewarding!). Coupled with doing some part-time contracting work, time becomes very precious indeed. Anyway, little-by-little things are coming along nicely.

I also have in mind a couple of pages (as opposed to posts) I want to write-up. Plus I’d like to put in a Wiki or a Forum so that others can share their creativity fundamentals, tips/techniques, experiences, etc. More on all this later.

Thanks for reading!




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